GTA Online, players pay homage to Ken Block in a spectacular video

GTA Online, players pay homage to Ken Block in a spectacular video

GTA Online

GTA Online has been able to create a community that, years after the launch of the game, continues to populate the Rockstar Games title. In addition to robbing and killing each other, customizing cars and characters, and completing missions, players sometimes manage to create peaceful gatherings that result in memories of their lost heroes. The last of these events was the moving tribute to Ken Block, who recently died in an accident.

The American pilot and stuntman, founder of the DC Shoes company, was universally loved by enthusiasts of automotive events and was able to create a real brand around him. In the gaming arena, Ken Block collaborated in racing titles such as the DiRT series for a few years, before appearing in this tribute reserved for him by GTA Online players. The video, released on Reddit by xz_VyRus, is a splendid montage of stunts that made Block's character iconic, masterfully performed within the game engine.

Among the stunts that we can admire in this video, which lasts almost five minutes, there are various acrobatics such as passing between two moving excavators, doing 360s around a moving go-kart, drifting under a jumping car thanks to the hydraulic suspension and many other spectacular performances performed by GTA Online players. A further detail created by the players in honor of Ken Block are the liveries of the cars which are very similar to the one used by the American driver throughout his career.

A tribute to Ken Block made by my car meet group… from gtaonline

Ken Block was involved in a fatal accident aboard a car sled on January 2, 2023, at the age of 57. The tribute paid by GTA Online players has sparked a myriad of comments both from fans of the stuntman and from those who, on the other hand, had never seen the pilot in action and thus got to know him thanks to the Grand series Theft Auto (you can buy the last chapter of the series on Amazon ).