The next Apple Pencil could detect real-world colors

The next Apple Pencil could detect real-world colors

The eyedropper tool made famous by Paint could be coming to real life thanks to a future model of the Apple Pencil. On the Patent Public Search Basic website, the patent of this new Apple pen has been released which would appear to be a tool capable of capturing the colors of the 3D world through integrated optical sensors and using them to draw or color using the nib.

Those who have always considered the Apple Pencil a simple tool for taking notes or for doing some scribbling will perhaps change their mind if this patent were to be realised, as it is possible that the Apple pen could become a professional that can be used by those who are professional graphic designers. Thanks to this new feature, many artists or designers could use this pen to create a real palette of colors to use in their projects.

According to what we read in the issued patent, Apple's optical sensors Pencil will be able to capture the colors of objects and make measurements of their intensity and other elements related to appearance. In addition, the light emitter should be adjustable in such a way that it changes according to the ambient light, so as to obtain the closest possible color to the original one.

Once the color detection process is finished, all data will then be sent wirelessly to a second device, such as an iPad, for use via an app or drawing software.

As already specified, this is a patent and not an official announcement by Apple . This means that it is not known for sure whether these features will be present in the third generation Apple Pencil. In any case, the colossal company from Cupertino has always shown that it knows how to amaze the public and that it knows how to bring new things to the market. This new feature could really pair well with the new OLED-screen iPad Pros that are expected to arrive early next year.