How much will the Samsung Galaxy S23 cost? The company could reduce profit margins

How much will the Samsung Galaxy S23 cost? The company could reduce profit margins

According to various rumors, Samsung will present the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series to the public in February. The new flagships, again according to rumors, will have a fairly renewed design, high-performance hardware and an improved photographic sector. The positive news out there is that Samsung is expected to keep the same prices on the new Galaxy S23 as the previous series.

In one of our recent articles we talked about how Samsung generally has a good profit margin on its devices. With the new Galaxy S23 series, however, the Korean giant could have a lower profit margin even with the same prices as the current devices, this is due to an increase in component prices.

According to a report from the Korean media Maekyung, Samsung's MX division's revenue rose from 28.42 trillion Won in the second quarter of 2022 to 32.21 trillion Won in the third quarter of the same year, an increase of 13.3%. Despite this, operating profit fell from Won 3.36 trillion to Won 3.23 trillion from the second to third quarters of 2022, or a decline of 3.6%. While Samsung has benefited from higher sales especially in the premium segment of devices such as the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, on the other hand this gain has been compromised by the higher prices of electronic components. The Galaxy S23 series will suffer the same effect for Samsung.

As anticipated, therefore, the Samsung Galaxy S23 should have new, more powerful and more expensive hardware features with a final sale price equal to the Galaxy S22. There is talk of an overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip compared to normal and on which Samsung itself is working on it. There are also rumors about an improved 200 MP camera, a new AMOLED display, UFS 4.0 memories and LPDDR5X RAM and an alleged satellite communication system.

Despite more expensive hardware, raising device prices in a time of inflation could be a double-edged sword, Samsung knows that. So assuming that the Korean company maintains last year's prices, we can say that the Galaxy S23 will be offered starting from 879 euros, the Galaxy S23+ from 1,079 euros and the Galaxy S23 Ultra from 1,279 euros. What do you think? Would you like it if Samsung didn't raise the prices of the next top of the range? Let us know in the comments.