More than 1,000 discounted games on PlayStation: isn't that a bit too much?

More than 1,000 discounted games on PlayStation: isn't that a bit too much?

More than 1,000 discounted games on PlayStation

Even if in Italy the climate is not exactly that of the Christmas holidays, large companies cannot get out of the big promotional maneuvers for the most joyful period of the year. PlayStation is obviously no less and has decided, as well as Steam and other "competitors", to launch their own discounts for its digital store. Discounts which, however, this time have perhaps exceeded the limit, so as to leave us some doubts.

There's nothing wrong if PlayStation decides to organize a series of discounts on some games on the PS Store. He is in his full rights and indeed, normally this kind of initiative is well appreciated, given that they allow us to recover various games at a much lower price, thus convincing us to give a chance even to certain titles that we probably would not have at full price considered. The problem, in these new sales that started today (and which will end on January 19, 2023), is that the amount of discounted games is perhaps too high. And this could push players to buy compulsively, thus fueling not only a waste of money, but also a devaluation of the product. In fact, we are talking about over 1,000 games currently in promotion, a real invasion that risks making us lose.

If it is true that for a developer (or rather, for a publisher) many copies sold count, it is also true that there is the enormous risk of seeing those completion percentages drop, at least taking into consideration the relationship with the games sold . On the other hand, for the players, we have a backlog problem: various discounts do nothing but increase the percentage of games purchased and then not finished, even leaving us with a small sense of guilt towards the money spent.

If you want to buy some games on sale on PlayStation, you are completely free to do so. The only thing, probably, is that with such a vast catalog we advise you to limit yourself in the purchase. Add to cart and proceed to checkout with only a handful of games that you are sure you will be able to fully enjoy.

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