Xbox: Asus' new controller is ultra-technological

Xbox: Asus' new controller is ultra-technological


The world of video games is full of particular controllers, but the Xbox one produced by Asus will surely prove to be one of the most interesting that has ever been produced. The Taiwanese company has in fact announced a new pad for Microsoft home consoles, with a small modern touch that recalls a distant past.

The controller does not differ much from the Xbox form factor, but unlike the classic controller, the new ASUS hardware features an OLED screen positioned above the guide key. This solution, although it may seem modern, was already adapted in the past by SEGA, for the controllers of its Dreamcast, the last console produced by the Japanese giant before withdrawing from hardware production and dedicating itself exclusively to software.

What is it for? the screen? As you can see from the video just below, the OLED display doesn't actually provide any advantage in the game. It cannot, for example, be used as a secondary screen to display information for some games. Its goal is simply to provide technical parameters, such as microphone status, pairing and battery level.

Called the ASUS Rog Raikiri Pro, the controller comes in two variants: one with a screen and one without. The PRO version is obviously the one with more functions, including the presence of four programmable buttons and the possibility of being connected to consoles and PCs via wi-fi. The cost of the controller has not yet been announced, but it is very likely that it will be a premium product, comparable to other similar devices, such as the Pro controllers produced by Microsoft. Keep following GameDivision for all the news and upcoming announcements from the world of video games.

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