BMW iVision Dee, the concept car that changes colour

BMW iVision Dee, the concept car that changes colour

BMW iVision Dee

BMW has previewed the new iVision Dee, a midsize sedan concept that showcases the future of digital technology in vehicles. Dee, an acronym for Digital Emotional Experience, was created to create a more solid bond between cars and their owners.

How? Simple, by changing the perception of digital functions. According to the German company, Dee goes beyond the voice control and driver assistance systems we know, thanks to "almost human capabilities". The first novelty is linked to the BMW Mixed Reality Slider, a sort of head-up display capable of offering a vision similar to augmented reality, allowing the driver to show only certain precise information on the dedicated display.

Also, while modern vehicles are able to offer a simple hello or goodbye, iVision Dee takes it a step further. When approaching the vehicle, a personalized welcome scenario, consisting of lights, sounds and graphic effects, invites the driver to get on board. The car can even project an avatar onto the driver's window to further enhance the welcome scene. If you thought the E-Ink painted BMW iX Flow was impressive, iVision Dee will blow your mind; instead of just two colours, the new BMW is capable of displaying up to 32 shades thus leaving a decidedly higher degree of customization.

Unlike more modern BMW vehicles, the iVision Dee lacks superfluous styling details; the automaker says this was intentionally done to "focus attention on the digital experience and BMW brand DNA." Marketing aside , it looks like Dee will revolutionize the way we communicate with cars ; some might describe it as a gimmick, but there's no denying that BMW's level of customization, both internal and external, is impressive.