PS5 was made without resorting to crunch, says a former Sony manager

PS5 was made without resorting to crunch, says a former Sony manager

PS5 was made without resorting to crunch

According to the words of Steven Trombetta, former Product manager of Sony PlayStation currently employed by Rockstar Games, the Japanese company has not imposed any form of crunch to create and launch the PS5 on the market, although at the time the world situation was particularly problematic due to the pandemic.

Trombetta's statement has some furious tones, as in response to an article by Kotaku for the launch of the new PS5 firmware entitled "PS5 Finally Gets Feature It Should Have Launched With" ( "PS5 finally gets a feature it should have had since launch"). The editorial does not point the finger at the much-requested native support for 1400p resolution, but rather at the functionality for creating folders in dashboards. In any case, the article did not exactly appeal to the former manager of Sony.

"Hey Kotaku ... we built this console in the middle of a global pandemic without asking anyone for a crunch .. . ", said Trombetta on Twitter. "Some things had to be cut to make this possible. It would be nice if you weren't rude about it. Employee health was the priority and I'm glad it was".

From the words of Trombetta we therefore learn that in order not to impose the crunch on its employees, Sony PlayStation has made the difficult decision to cut some features of PS5 and postpone them until after the launch of the console.

Staying on the subject, Glen Schofield, the game director of The Callisto Protocol, apologized for the message confirming and justifying the crunch for the development team of his survival horror.

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PS5 Didn’t Launch With Folders Feature Because Sony Avoided Crunch

A former Sony manager has revealed that PS5 folders weren’t a launch feature because Sony wanted to avoid crunch especially when the global pandemic was at its peak. Steven Trombetta, who spent six years at Sony in various managerial roles, worked on a number of PS5 features including Activities. When the PS5 finally got folders (called gamelists) yesterday, a snarky headline by Kotaku prompted a response from Trombetta.

Interestingly, when a follower asked Trombetta if a lot of players used folders, he said that “generally” they don’t. “Players really just want to pin the, like, three games they play regularly,” he wrote. “Some people do and will organize everything but those people are rare power users.” Trombetta worked on the PS5’s OS and SDK, with his manager being the hardware lead.

Worth noting that the PS4 received folders feature three years after launch.

The PS5 finally received its much-awaited system update yesterday, but in case you didn’t notice, a DualSense update came with it that adds the following:

  • Custom button assignments are now enabled in the passcode input screen.
  • We’ve updated the DualSense wireless controller device software to improve stability. An issue causing system software errors during rest mode in some PS5 consoles was resolved.
  • In other news, The Witcher 3 PS5 upgrade is on track to release this year, and a tech teardown has revealed that the revised PS5 model has not only been redesigned internally, making it more energy efficient.