Is Ubisoft's Star Wars ready to show itself?

Is Ubisoft's Star Wars ready to show itself?

It seems that we should expect great things from the new Star Wars-themed video game developed by Ubisoft Massive . Their wish for the new year could anticipate and suggest important steps forward in its development, and many other things.

In the New Year's message, published on Twitter by Ubisoft Massive, their new video game dedicated to Star Wars is mentioned again with words that seem to bode well for the new year. "Happy New Year to all. For us, 2023 will be very important. Join the adventure. #MassiveStarWars” , reads the text which introduces an image inevitably familiar to fans of the vast world created by George Lucas.

For the moment we still don't know much about this new project, although we can imagine that is in its last stages of development also in relation to some recent announcements coming directly from the studio itself. Counting that at the moment Ubisoft is also engaged in other equally large projects, the wish for the new year can be read as "reassurance" towards the most curious fans and enthusiasts. Furthermore, the narrative universe of Star Wars certainly has a lot to offer both in terms of stories and videogame experiments. There have been many works in this sense, and just as many those currently in development. Will Ubisoft be able to distance itself from the competition that is moving on its same wavelength?

Happy New Year to you all.

2023 is going to be huge for us.

Join the adventure. #MassiveStarWars

— Julian Gerighty (@jgerighty) January 1, 2023

Even if reasoning in this sense is rather early, the fans' expectations will certainly be quite high, especially in relation to the previous works made by Ubisoft Massive and the premises that such a world does not fail to confirm every time that we are right about it. We just have to wait for new details, in the hope of ever closer news.

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