PS5, leak for a new exclusive: video and information

PS5, leak for a new exclusive: video and information

PS5, leak for a new exclusive

Twist: during the Italian night, the first information and the very first gameplay video of a new exclusive PS5 emerged from the IconEra forum. It is a project which several leakers had already talked about in the past, but which is shown for the first time, clearly with unofficial material.

The game, currently still unnamed, is in production at XDEV . They are a first party development team from Sony, born out of the closure of Liverpool Studio. At the moment the software house does not have any active production, but has helped other PlayStation development studios in the development of other exclusives such as Returnal and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. The material the team is working on is therefore its first original work, which will be developed in collaboration with another studio.

The PS5 exclusive, in fact, is still without a name. According to initial information, the game is a sort of Sci-Fi RPG and is developed with the Unreal Engine 5. The first gameplay video comes from an early build, therefore from a version of the game still devoid and stripped of any element. This is material that should be for internal use only. At the time of writing, the video is available exclusively at this address, but we cannot guarantee that Sony will not intervene in the next few hours for a removal.

At the moment the information in our possession ends here. Difficult to understand whether the game will actually see the light or not, but the presence of a playable build, albeit bare and devoid of any element, gives us hope at least for a reveal over the next few months. Clearly ours are only hypotheses and we invite you to take them with a grain of salt. Keep following GameDivision for all the news and upcoming announcements from the world of video games.

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