Halo Infinite meets Skyrim, thanks to the Forge

Halo Infinite meets Skyrim, thanks to the Forge

Halo Infinite meets Skyrim

Beyond all the problems related to support, Halo Infinite remains a beautiful first person shooter, which thanks to the arrival of the Forge has been able to count on many maps created by very skilled modders. Even before the launch we had a preview of the potential of the tool, but this latest creation may have defeated them all. In a positive sense, of course.

As you may have guessed from the title, we're talking about a Halo Infinite map created to bring Skyrim to mind. And we couldn't get any closer to reality than that. A modder has in fact decided to try to recreate Whiterun, one of the cities of Bethesda's open world RPG, succeeding in full. Yeah, because the build quality of this map doesn't look like a Forge content created by 343 Industries, but more of a mod for the full game.

Clearly there are limits. The Whiterun inserted in Halo Infinite is designed to be played and therefore there are very specific points where to find grenades or equipment. In addition, the impossibility of entering NPCs helps to break this sort of spell. Despite this, at least on an aesthetic level, the map appears practically faithful to the original counterpart and our advice is obviously to try it by visiting this address.

Skyrim's Whiterun city has been created in Halo Infinite Forge by Bullet2thehead9! If you want to check out this beautiful remake, here's the download link: https://t.co/DFCVqyhOj2 #Halo #HaloInfiniteForge pic.twitter.com/6QZsB6q362

— Rebs Gaming (@Mr_Rebs_) January 4 , 2023

Halo Infinite debuted on December 8, 2021 and after the first few months, the enthusiasm of the public faded due to suboptimal support from the development team. Over the next few months it is very probable that 343 Industries will be able to try to revive the fortunes of the exclusive Xbox, but clearly it will take a little more time before being able to sanction its return to its former glory. A first start could be that of adding a much rumored Battle Royale mode, for which, however, confirmations are still lacking at the moment, being (still today) a real rumor .

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