Technological innovation for wellness, health and food

Technological innovation for wellness, health and food

Technological innovation for wellness

We continue the story of the A taste of Italian Innovation initiative, which brought the products and technologies developed by 50 startups selected by the Italian Trade Agency to CES 2023 in Las Vegas; on this page we take a closer look at the initiatives dedicated to health and food.

Haura has created a modular machine capable of automating the preparation and cooking of food. The various modules can be assembled according to needs, to optimize space and consumption.

Humanfactorx designs spaces, products and services to improve the interaction between man and technology; EZrize is an ergonomically designed portable workstation, equipped with electronic equipment and storage compartments to make PC work comfortable and healthy in any place.

Lightscience has developed MyLab, a portable device for carrying out medical analyzes without traveling in the laboratory. The data collected is uploaded to the cloud and analyzed remotely by medical personnel. This device is used for monitoring metabolic levels in patients with phenylketonuria.

Maenne offers a multisensory stimulation system aimed at psychophysical well-being: an armchair that emits synchronized sounds, lights and vibrations, made with specific materials for transmitting stimuli effectively.

Maenne's multisensory stimulation system.

Plus Biomedicals has developed Cwash, an automated tooth cleaning device that does not require water and toothpaste. Useful both on the move and for non-self-sufficient people, it can be used anywhere and connected to a smartphone to monitor oral hygiene.

QuicklyPro develops health and rehabilitation services. Q-Walk is a wearable device that aids walking rehabilitation. Two pads placed under the knees project a light that indicates where to put your feet with each step.

Radon remediation

Radoff works on solutions to reduce indoor pollution. Radoff Life monitors the levels of radon gas in the environment and initiates an automatic remediation action as soon as they become critical. Volatile organic compounds and fine dust are also eliminated which, by binding with radon particles, increase health risks even at low concentrations.

Radoff Life keeps radon gas levels under control in the environment.

Sensosan develops devices dedicated to wellness, such as the S1-Intelligent Nebulizer, a nebulizer that can diffuse fragrances and sanitize the air, through an automated process that relies on IoT sensors.

TooA has created an appliance that allows you to instantly prepare ice cream at home starting from a liquid preparation that can be stored at room temperature. The ice cream is consumed immediately, and nothing needs to be refrigerated beforehand.

Visionair Lab has developed Take a Breath, a wearable air purifier with the appearance of a sun visor headgear. The visor hides a technology that creates two air flows: one blocks the outside air and the other brings clean air to the wearer.