The Half-Life hysteria continues into 2023

The Half-Life hysteria continues into 2023

Although Valve has been very active in recent years, with the release of Steam Deck and Half-Life Alyx, the hysteria and desire for new games directly produced by Gabe Newell never stops. And so, with every slightest movement in this regard, fans begin to give their best, with hypotheses and speculations based on practically nothing.

As reported online, a new ad has appeared on SteamDB, called “ Valve Event Upload”. Inside there is only a configuration file, but that was enough to send fans into raptures, so much so that several hypotheses have already been advanced about nothing. The first, of course, bears the name Half-Life and according to some it could be the prelude to the reveal of a new game, perhaps intended for virtual reality or an improbable real-time strategy game (RTS).

The truth, however, is much more bitter. This particular event, in fact, could also turn out to be simply a new initiative, such as new discounts. And this is precisely the most accredited hypothesis, at least in our opinion. If the Christmas sales end today, in fact, in March or April it will already be time to put your wallet back, thanks to the arrival of the spring sales.

However, there is only one truth: if Valve is really working on a new game, we won't know anything more about it at least until its release or at most a few months before. Unlike other publishers and developers, Gabe Newell's company is in fact very good at hiding any type of project, so much so that leakers are hardly able to have confirmations or certainties in this regard. In short, as per tradition when it comes to Valve, it will be necessary to have a lot of patience. For now, however, our advice is to focus on what we have. And yes, there are so many games that can help us while we wait.

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