Big trouble in Chinatown: James Wan would like to make a remake

Big trouble in Chinatown: James Wan would like to make a remake

Big trouble in Chinatown

Released in 1986, Big Trouble in Little China (Big Trouble in Little China) has become over the years a real cult as well as one of the seminal films of John Carpenter's career. An action movie that mixes martial arts, action, magic and comedy, with Kurt Russell and Kim Catrall as protagonists. Apparently James Wan and Patrick Wilson, now longtime collaborators on The Conjuring franchise, would like to make a remake of Carpenter's film.

A remake of Big Trouble in Chinatown ? James Wan thought about it

One of the biggest reasons I love working with Patrick is the fact that he's a huge movie buff, he's a real geek in that sense. Very often, when we work on our films, we talk about something else. We both love John Carpenter's cinematography and especially Big Trouble in Chinatown. It is a very important film for us and we have often fantasized about the idea of ​​making a remake of it. But we know that will never happen……I mean, it would be a real sacrilege.

Big Trouble in Chinatown grossed just $11.1 million on a $19-25 million budget when it was released, but has since become a cult hit. The story is that of the truck driver Jack Burton (Kurt Russell), a small-minded man with a rough attitude, who together with his friend Wang Chi will find himself unwillingly involved in an affair with a paranormal flavor. When Wang's fiancée, Miao Yin, is in fact kidnapped by a gang of thugs from Chinatown, the duo will set off in pursuit of them, ending up from there involved in a story that will grow bigger from the first moments and which will see the appearance of warriors endowed with supernatural powers, ancient sorcerers, various monstrosities and arcane rites handed down through Chinese history and culture.

It is not the first time that there is talk of a new iteration of Carpenter's cult. Indeed, since 2015 there have been rumors of a sequel to Big Trouble in Chinatown starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but the project is still in production limbo. In the meantime, however, another cult by Carpenter or 1997: Escape from New York will have a real sequel .