Forza Horizon: Several talents leave Playground for a new AAA studio

Forza Horizon: Several talents leave Playground for a new AAA studio

Forza Horizon

In these first ten days of 2023, a lot of talk has already begun about a possible first major Xbox videogame event of the year. To date, we still don't know anything official about this much-rumored conference, but given the many projects in the pipeline at the numerous Xbox Game Studios, an imminent communication appointment would make sense. In all of this, however, we find that the Forza Horizon team has lost a number of their talents .

This important internal change in Playground Games has emerged just recently, with many of the personalities who worked on the saga of Forza Horizon who have assembled a new team with big triple-A ambitions. This new studio is called Maverick Games and was opened by Mike Brown, former director of the arcade car series based on the Forza franchise, and who has now become creative director of his new studio.

This new team is planning their debut title, which will be an open world with triple A ambitions. Other personalities who have contributed to the success of Forza Horizon in the past are also working on the first Maverick Games project, such as Tom Butcher, ex-executive producer of Playground Games and ex-art director Ben Penrose. Along with these talents, there are personalities who have worked in major companies such as EA and Sumo Digital.

“Our goal is to make Maverick Games a studio that fans will love. We are already hard at work on an exciting title of the highest quality, and we are building a home where all developers and creatives are encouraged to take risks, be curious, creative, innovative, be themselves and above all, be mavericks." Mike Brown's words when announcing his new and quite ambitious adventure in the videogame sector.

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