Forza Horizon loses its pieces: developers leave the studio

Forza Horizon loses its pieces: developers leave the studio

Forza Horizon loses its pieces

We will only know later if it will really be a revolution at Playground Games. For now, what we know for sure is that several developers of the Forza Horizon series have decided to leave the development studio to embark on a new adventure, called Maverick Games.

As reported by Eurogamer, they are about less than a dozen developers who have decided to leave Playground Games and thus abandon work on the Forza Horizon series, a spin-off of the Motorsport brand, for years considered among the best racing games on the planet. Captaining this exodus we find the creative director of the fifth chapter, Mike Brown, who will lead the new studio, called Maverick Games. In addition to the former creative director, lead producer Tom Butcher, technical director Matt Craven, technical art director Gareth Harwood, audio director Fraser Stachan and art director Ben Penrose have also joined Maverick Games. All prominent roles, which thus guarantee an excellent start for the newborn development team, which will therefore be able to count on high-level profiles for the most important roles.

The ideas of the developers are very clear. At the moment the development team is working on an open world game for consoles and PC, defined as "premium". And Maverick Games has worked very well, securing (as communicated by the key figures) several funds, which however they cannot talk about as per the contract. Clearly it will still take some time before we find out they are working on the coast, so arm yourself with patience: the arrival of this new open world is decidedly distant.

Similar departures are now the order of the day in the video game industry. More rare, however, that several key figures decide to join together to try to create something new. We certainly can't wait to find out more and invite you to stay tuned to discover all the updates as soon as there are news about them.

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