What are the most anticipated video games of 2023?

What are the most anticipated video games of 2023?

2023 will truly be a year full of video games. Each of us has our preferences on which games to buy, but a study has tried to understand which titles are most awaited by the public. Like? Simply based on Google searches, which obviously do not translate into the number of total sales, but only on which titles are most awaited by players, i.e. the most talked about ones.

The study, available in its entirety at this address, it helps us to clarify which video games have most attracted the attention of players. The titles in question are all scheduled for the first part of 2023, given that most of them have a release date set for the first six months of the new year. Although it is a rather approximate study, it can give us an idea of ​​which are the most awaited games.

In first place, not without surprises, we find Hogwarts Legacy. The new game based on the Harry Potter universe is certainly one of the most anticipated titles by the general public and has been searched on the Internet for 1.23 million times. In second place we find Starfield, with 540,000 searches. In third position, however, Diablo 4, with 301.00 searches. The complete ranking is available just below.

Hogwarts Legacy – 1.23 million searches Starfield – 540,000 searches Diablo 4 – 301,000 searches Sons of the Forest – 224,000 searches Baldur's Gate 3 – 206,000 searches Forspoken – 192,000 searches The Day Before – 187,000 searches Blue Protocol – 185,000 searches Resident Evil 4 – 161,000 searches The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom/Ark 2 – 150,000 searches 2023 will certainly be a year full of games for all of us, which will satisfy lovers of almost all genres. And the fight for the Game of the Year will be even tighter than this year, don't you think? Keep following GameDivision for all the news and upcoming announcements from the world of video games.

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