Hi-Fi Rush goes beyond Forspoken on Steam

Hi-Fi Rush goes beyond Forspoken on Steam

You got it right, the launch of Hi-Fi Rush on Steam , in its PC version, is giving better results than Forspoken , surpassing it in terms of general reception. The gap between the two is especially interesting from a commercial point of view, given that both titles have reached the hands of enthusiasts following two practically opposite paths.

Very impressed by Hi-Fi Rush as this chart is ranked by Revenue and Hi-Fi Rush is only $30

Hi-Fi Rush at $30 actually made more Revenue launch week than Forspoken did at $70. Pretty shocking especially with a shadow drop

— Benji-Sales (@BenjiSales) January 29, 2023

dominated by other video games, many have noted that Hi-Fi Rush has easily managed to surpass Forspoken without the slightest purpose. The general interest in this commercial dynamic lies in the fact that with this video game, unlike that of Square Enix, the advertising campaign was almost nil, investing in everything else. Differently, Forspoken has presented himself several times, there has been a lot of talk about him and what he should have, or shouldn't, have been, and he has been quite spammed around the web.

The investments in general for both projects are also very different, precisely in terms of money and development possibilities (the purchase price of both speaks for itself). So Hi-Fi Rush followed the path of "sudden release" and without too much publicity. It did not rely on a continuous advertising campaign, demonstrating its full potential with the release (accompanied by reviews from the specialized press). This particular choice of approach to the public, apparently, worked both for the general quality of the product (which should always be a central element), and for the fact that the game can also be obtained through Game Pass.

Another big difference between Forspoken and Hi-Fi Rush lies in the "way" in which both were published, where the former had and continues to have some problems that need to be resolved.

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