System Shock Remake will arrive soon, here is the confirmation

System Shock Remake will arrive soon, here is the confirmation

System Shock Remake will arrive soon

The System Shock Remake team has confirmed the release window of the video game by identifying it as March 2023. It is by no means the first time we have talked about this publication, even if the recent statements by the Nightdive Studios guys can only reassure eagerly awaiting fans, especially after the trailer and the various gameplays.

The launch plans for System Shock Remake have therefore not changed one iota, and all those who feared there would be a new postponement can breathe a sigh of relief: “ After our return to Gamescom we hesitated to share any other information so as not to spoil the surprises we had in store. However, we've picked out a few last things to share before we get closer to our March 2023 launch window.

The message was written directly on the Kickstarter page of the video game, trying to reassure as much as possible even doubtful fans regarding the period they indicated: "As some of you have pointed out, it is not the first time that we approach a window of planned launch for the game, but a lot has changed in the last few years – the breadth and scale of the project has evolved dramatically and Prime Matter has entered production, which has allowed us to focus on the various improvements in terms of Quality of Life, bug fixes and localization support – these are the last major steps towards releasing a game we are all incredibly excited about. and proud". The fact that they are using the time available to polish System Shock Remake as best as possible can only bode well for a release that is also performing.

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