Sick of Twitch? Now you can stream your dinner while it cooks

Sick of Twitch? Now you can stream your dinner while it cooks

If you want to start a career as a Twitch streamer but don't know where to start or think the market is too saturated for video games and the classic Just Chatting, then Samsung might have just the thing for you. We are talking about a new oven, already presented at IFA 2022 but which during CES 2023 (taking place in Las Vegas) certainly represents an excellent alternative. Or not.

Let's go in order: the BeSpoke AI Oven has also emerged in the new line of smart appliances designed by Samsung for the most modern kitchens. It is a wall oven that has multiple smart functions, including an alert if your dinner is burning and which keeps track of your workouts and can help you plan a balanced diet. Up to here nothing strange, except that there are also cameras inside which, well, film your dishes while they are cooking. And the video stream can safely be directed to Twitch and other live streaming services.

It is certainly a feature that we don't know how much it will be used by cooking lovers, yet it is potentially useful. Not on Twitch, of course, but on specific sites and channels. The idea of ​​having cameras that record the cooking of a dish can be useful not only for live broadcasts, but also for recording videos and photos that can be attached to actual cooking courses, to make the significantly simpler and more intuitive learning.

Samsung's new BeSpoke home appliance line is already available in Europe, but the price is obviously not accessible to everyone. In fact, more than 2,000 euros are needed to take the oven home, depending on the model selected. Live streaming yes, but only for those who have a good budget to devote to a unique appliance of its kind.

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