The author of Sakamoto Days has planned the ending and other curiosities about the manga

The author of Sakamoto Days has planned the ending and other curiosities about the manga

On the occasion of a short interview for the winter edition of Jump GIGA 2023 (Shueisha), the author of Sakamoto Days revealed that he has already planned the ending and other curiosities about the manga.

The author of Sakamoto Days has planned the ending and other curiosities about the manga

Yuto Suzuki's manga immediately stole the hearts and interest of readers from the very first lines of the work for the immediacy and graphic precision and, in particular, for the mafia universe described, a theme that was missing from the ranks of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Sakamoto Days does not boast many years behind it, it began in November 2020, however the author declared that he already had the ending in mind and had planned it despite, again according to master Suzuki, not even thinking that the one-shot would eventually become a series.

Let's imagine the author had to recalibrate his vision of his story and baste its development in the long term and with tight serialization times.

The author has declared that he loves absurd action scenes and this is one of the movements that push the boards of his manga. In relation to the inevitable sources of inspiration, Takehiko Inoue (SLAM DUNK) and Hiroya Oku (GANTZ) are counted, while Domu by Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) was the manga that prompted Suzuki to pursue a career as a cartoonist.

Taro Sakamoto was originally known to be an unrivaled, unique hitman, no one could get away with that much respect and legendary status in the underworld. At some point in his life, however, Sakamoto fell in love with and began dating his fiancée, married her and had children. The legendary hitman's new normal life had forced him into retirement from the underworld. Plus, as if that weren't enough, Sakamoto put on weight and even decided to start a business. Leaving the past behind is the past that can't get away from Sakamoto, therefore, together with his employee at his Shin shop, he will defend his humble life and family, or die trying.

An anime project would be in progress according to the latest rumors that have emerged online. Click here for details. In addition, the first light novel will be released in Japan and online stores in spring 2023.

Sakamato Days : about the manga

Sakamoto Days is a shonen manga written and illustrated by Yuto Suzuki in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump from November 21, 2020. Serialization began on November 21, 2020 and at the moment 102 Chapters have been published. In Italy, the manga has been published by Planet Manga since May 19, 2022.

The series has received considerable appreciation in a short time, even from veterans of the medium such as Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist), and will soon have the right to a series anime.