Vampire Survivors, the author cannot explain the success of the title

Vampire Survivors, the author cannot explain the success of the title

Vampire Survivors

A few months after its launch, Vampire Survivors has enjoyed a huge global success that even led it to a nomination for best debut independent game during this year's The Game Awards. Luca Galante, in a recent interview released after the launch of the DLC Legacy of the Moonspell (here our review), tells his point of view on the success of the title.

The creator of Vampire Survivors says he has no idea why his game has become so successful. After two years of development that began in 2020, in fact, the title landed on Steam and Xbox (the Series S is available on Amazon) in October 2022, receiving almost 200,000 positive reviews and placing itself in the list of games whose rating of users is "very positive". A similar success was completely unexpected by Galante who, despite being happy with the results achieved, cannot believe the goals achieved by his creation.

Galante's words also explain how the developer has tried to focus mainly on feedback received through Discord and the community that was built on Steam during the making of Vampire Survivors. Precisely for this reason, the creator of the title thanked his community managers for having done an excellent job in collecting suggestions and ideas to implement.

Also, regarding the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC, Galante says he has always held a mixed position regarding paid content for games. However, having to take care of your own company as well, creating additional content proved necessary, as well as being a pleasant personal challenge. Finally, the interview ended on a note of color when the interviewer asked for clarifications on the alleged vampires. To the detriment of the title, in fact, no vampires have yet appeared in Vampire Survivors. Galante limited himself to saying that his marketing and legal departments would have forbidden him to answer the question.

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