Neil Gaiman talks about the new episodes of The Sandman 2

Neil Gaiman talks about the new episodes of The Sandman 2

Neil Gaiman has recently updated fans of his works regarding the scripts behind the new episodes of The Sandman 2 , the television series released exclusively on Netflix of whose first season you can find our review here. The first season of the series premiered on the streaming service last August.

Neil Gaiman talks new episodes of The Sandman 2

In a post on his Tumblr, Gaiman provided some interesting updates regarding the new episodes of The Sandman 2 . In response to a fan asking if the scripts for the second season of The Sandman have already been written and if the writer is helping to oversee them, Gaiman replied that while not all scripts have been completed yet, he and the writers are currently immersed in the writing process and also having a role in overseeing the script of the series.

Shop The Sandman themed here on Amazon! While the plot of the upcoming episodes has not yet been revealed, as the scripts are still being written, both cast members and Gaiman have hinted at possible future narratives. Gaiman has repeatedly shared his excitement at bringing the Eternals' youngest member, Delirium, to the series. Boyd Holbrook (The Corinthian) and Jenna Coleman (Johanna Constantine) have also hinted at the possible return of their beloved characters. Coleman has even gone so far as to suggest that her Johanna Constantine could have her own Sandman spin-off series in the future, an idea that Gaiman has also proven open to, though no official plans have been confirmed.

It was also recently teased that, as a two-parter, this next installment of The Sandman could receive the same treatment.

The Sandman Finally, it was also recently announced that, most likely, The Sandman 2 , like Stranger Things season 4 , could also be split into two parts .