Tetsuo Hara (Warrior Ken) McDonald's commercial

Tetsuo Hara (Warrior Ken) McDonald's commercial

McDonald's and Tetsuo Hara , the famous character designer of Ken the Warrior, have collaborated to create an advertising spot. It is certainly an unusual and unexpected collaboration for many, but which gave a convincing and amusing final result, thanks to the unmistakable trait of Tetsuo Hara, who managed to give a recognizable note of undoubted originality to a simple commercial .

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Tetsuo Hara's (Ken the Warrior) McDonald's commercial

Tetsuo Hara's new McDonald's ad was unveiled last Wednesday in Japan, when it was broadcast for the first time in two different versions: a more concise one, lasting 15 seconds, and an extended one, lasting 60 seconds. The collaboration was born to advertise the new Samurai Mac from McDonald's Japan.

Shop Ken the Warrior themed here on Amazon! The announcement complements a previous live-action announcement on Dec. 20, which tells a short story about the difficulty of making choices as an adult. The character created by the Master, Samurai Kai, in the commercial created by Tetsuo Hara recognizes these difficulties while climbing a steep cliff, even if shortly after he declares: “But I'll do it anyway “, as he jumps from the cliff to get his hands on the elusive hamburger.

Two versions of the new advertisement born from the unusual collaboration between McDonald's and Tetsuo Hara have been created: the shorter 15-second version and finally the 60-second version that we offer:

Naturally, since it is a limited edition hamburger destined for Japan, we will never have the opportunity to taste it here in Italy , but we can console ourselves with the vision of this beautiful commercial, which also celebrates the manga's 40th anniversary. Ken the Warrior was created by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara and was first published in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1983 to 1988. In Italy, the work is published and distributed by Planet Manga.