Half-Life: Source, the leakers try to solve the mystery of G-Man

Half-Life: Source, the leakers try to solve the mystery of G-Man


Half-Life lovers, despite a still prolific modder community, have now resigned themselves to the idea that many of the questions left unresolved by the series will never be revealed. Even if the rumors relating to a third chapter do not stop, most of the mysteries related to the experiments conducted by Black Mesa or who G-Man was, in fact, have never been explored by Valve and the development team. However, some leakers have discovered some interesting elements, rummaging through the assets of Source, remastered of the original Gordon Freeman adventure.

Going into the details, the leakers have found some animations that reveal useful details to have a better understanding of G-Man and beyond. Although some additional information has been given in Alyx, the mysterious character has never received particular details during the Half-Life series (if you want to decorate your room, try this LED lamp, available on Amazon). However, among the animations hidden in Source's source code, assets were found showing G-Man's death.

The ambivalence of this discovery is given both by the possibility that the developers had foreseen a possible death for G-Man, whether it is a simple backup. Indeed, in Half-Life, the mysterious man is practically invincible and unapproachable and the most plausible hypothesis is precisely that the developers had decided to create this animation only in the event of changes in the game script.

it also crashed in c1a3 pic.twitter.com/5nubwfAkai

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In addition, the Half-Life: Source leakers have also found some interesting animations related to the Apache helicopter that we can glimpse at the beginning of our adventure. When Gordon makes his long introductory journey, aboard the train, we actually see a plane ready to take off which, however, we will soon lose track of. Among the various animations, the leakers have found both the take-off and crash animations. However, even in this case, they failed to have a clear view of what was happening, which makes both the hypothesis of a successful take-off and that of a crash immediately following the accident in the plant valid.