Investments in security and digitization are increasing

Investments in security and digitization are increasing

Information security and digitization are among the top corporate priorities: this is what emerges from the Red Hat report for the past year.

digitization security Security has become one of the pervasive within companies, with a full 44% of respondents admitting that they consider it among the top three topics for their organization. Red Hat predicts that the trend will remain the same in 2023, with more and more companies ready to push on cybersecurity.

Companies have invested more in network and cloud security, infrastructures that have always been considered more critical. The percentages of those who have invested in data protection and privacy and in qualified security personnel are still low.

Cybersecurity has taken on a fundamental role following the numerous data breaches that occurred in 2022 and in previous years. Threats have become increasingly numerous and difficult to counter, so that current security solutions cannot keep up with the complexity and impact of the attacks. For this reason, companies have decided to step on the accelerator, understanding the fundamental role of having complete and up-to-date security solutions.

digitization security Among the company priorities, immediately after security, we find the digitization of assets and processes: they are many organizations have invested in initiatives for digital transformation, putting innovation first. Concern about digital transformation is growing and companies are aiming to modernize flows and resources.

The data concerning the skill gap to carry out a real digital transformation remains worrying. The absence of talent is the main barrier preventing digitization and companies do not invest enough in the skills training of their employees. As Red Hat points out in its report, digitization is done by people and their talents: when there are gaps in this sense, the transformation cannot happen quickly.

digitization security To excel in digitization it is necessary to obtain more and more information from data, the only means capable of guiding the transformation. The majority of company managers are convinced of this and Red Hat's research confirms it: if you want to make decisions that positively influence company growth, you need to analyze the data to obtain key information.