Battlefield 2042: the most watched announcement trailer of 2021,

Battlefield 2042: the most watched announcement trailer of 2021,

Battlefield 2042

With 21,951,886 views, the Battlefield 2042 announcement trailer was the most watched of all 2021 in gaming, followed by Innistrad: Midnight Hunt cinematic from Magic: The Gathering Arena with 19,398,033 views.

To draw up the ranking, then reported by Games Industry in its infographic with the numbers of the gaming industry of 2021, was Fancensus, who studied the data of all the videos published during the year.

The most viewed trailers in 2021 according to Fancensus, in the Games Industry In third position is the video" Trust Nobody: Introducing Fortnite Impostors "with 18,456,762 views, related to the imposter mode of Fortnite that copies Among Us. In fourth position a surprise (but not too much), namely the launch trailer in Early Access of the survival with the Nordic setting Valheim, seen 16,937,138 times. In fifth position there is instead the trailer Riders Republic: The Finish Line - live action trailer fr. Fabio Wibme with 16,247,738 views.

It should be noted that Battlefield 2042 also appears in fifteenth position with the gameplay trailer, which has collected 10,840,462 views. However, the game with the most trailers in the top 15 is Fortnite, which also occupies the tenth and fourteenth position.

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Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Only in March? New Info From Data Miner

News video games 21 December 2021, 13:36

For new content in Battlefield 2042 is not coming anytime soon. According to a data miner, the first season of the game will not start until March next year.

  • A data minar suggests that the first season of Battlefield 2042 won't launch until next March;
  • That's when a map called Exposure is set to appear in the game;
  • It would bring the battles to the area of Canadian British Columbia.
  • It looks like Battlefield 2042 will not add any new content for a long time. It turns out that the first season of support for the game may start only in March next year. This is indicated by the findings of a data miner by the handle temporyal. He published them via his Twitter account.

    The user claims to have found numerous challenges in the game's client files that would be coming to the game over the next twelve weeks. These are the pre-season missions. So it would seem that the first season of support will begin only after they end, which is in March.

    Such a long period without new content may be the result of Battlefield 2042's troublesome launch. The game is still plagued by numerous problems that annoy the players. Developers must therefore focus on fixing bugs, and only then on providing new content.

    Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Only in March? New Info From Data Miner - picture #1

    Source: Twitter

    The players m ay find some joy in the second piece of information dug up by the data miner. Allegedly, he reached the data on the new map, which will appear in the game in the future. It is to be called Exposure and will take players to a research facility in British Columbia, Canada. Temporyal also revealed that players will hear different information about their mission in the location depending on the country they support.

    At the end, however, it is worth mentioning that these are not official information. Leaks should be treated with due caution.