Impostor Factory: The launch trailer is really weird

Impostor Factory: The launch trailer is really weird

Impostor Factory

The Impostor Factory launch trailer is really weird. Normally we are used to spectacular footage, with highly emotional montages of scenes taken from games, or created specifically to sell strong sensations. Kan Gao, the author of the game, has instead chosen a very different path.

In the movie we can in fact see him commenting on the Impostor Factory title screen, joking on the road strips that run under the I. His goal was to do something minimalist and profound, but now that he looks at it better it seems to him an effect worthy of a sausage factory. The trailer is all here. Yes, no emphatic phrases to sell us the game. No bombastic claims about what a life-changing experience will be like. Nothing at all. Just irony on the title screen.

How not to buy him the game, currently available on Steam?

Let's read the official description:

Doctor Watts and Doctor Rosalene perform a particular job: giving people the chance to relive their lives from the beginning.

But this is not their story. Probably.

In their place we find Quincy. Let me tell you about him.

One day Quincy was invited to a luxurious party in a suspiciously isolated mansion. Of course he accepted the invitation; because despite being suspicious and isolated, the villa was also luxurious and hosted a party.

So luxurious that you could even find a time machine in the bathroom. Quincy could wash his hands and travel through time at the same time. Think what efficiency!

But then people start dying, because yes. And somewhere in the middle of it all things get done ... Lovecraftian, with tentacles and stuff like that.

Anyway, this is roughly 1/3 of what the game is really about.

A story that will make you swear at the screen A pleasant mix of adventure games and the aesthetics of classic RPGs Dialogues that sound so wrong, but work so well A concise unfolding, free of fillers and leaks long time

Have you noticed any errors?

Impostor Factory (aka To The Moon 3) is out now

Impostor Factory has been described repeatedly by developer Kan Gao as 'To The Moon 3(?)', complete with paranthetical question mark. Whatever the reality in terms of its plot, it definitely forms a trio in terms of theme and tone, closing out the series with another melancholy, pixelated adventure. It's out now.

Here's a trailer from back in August, which captures the spirit of the thing:

Freebird describe the game as a 'bonkers time-loop tragicomedy murder mystery thriller involving multiple casualties and a suspicious cat,' which sounds like a riot, but the original To The Moon was renowned mainly for heart-wrenching story. There's enough tinkling piano in the trailer above that I'd expect to feel things - which is why I probably won't play it.

To The Moon launched almost ten years ago and was a sensation. John called it the best game he played that year, between sobs. Its sequel Finding Paradise didn't have the same impact in 2017, but was still 'a lovely story well told, with great humour, moments of genuine pathos, and plenty of intrigue.'

That's a good enough track record to think Impostor Factory won't suddenly drop the big sad ball, although it does sound like it's not simply repeating old tricks. The murders are new, for one, and Freebird have previously said that while there are a few recurring characters, references to previous games are 'suspiciously avoided.' Hmm.

You can pick Impostor Factory up now from Steam for a whopping £6.47/€7.37, and if you've not played them, To The Moon and Finding Paradise are both currently 50% off.