The Last of Us 2, discovered a hidden detail of the gameplay

The Last of Us 2, discovered a hidden detail of the gameplay

The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 continues to reserve surprises, at least for some players, with a Reddit user who has recently posted a recent discovery about a hidden detail of the game's gameplay, which many may not have seen.

Actually it's not really a secret, being an element that emerges in the game if you perform the right actions, but it is possible that several players have missed it in their run of The Last of Us 2, taken by the action or from moments capable of attracting more attention.

As you can see at this address, during the mission "The Aquarium" of The Last of Us 2, it is possible to perform a particular contextual action with Abby that is not is usable in other cases outside of this particular flashback with Owen: approaching the character to the handrail on the staircase, Abby sits on it, sliding all the way down.

This is a detail that does not seem to re-emerge elsewhere in the game and it only works in that particular flashback: if you try to do the same thing again with the grown up Abby, out of that specific moment, you notice that it is not possible to carry out this action, perhaps because it is now considered too childish to the character. In these days, we have seen a touching fan-made video dedicated to Joel and Sarah.

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The Last of Us 2 Fan Discovers Unique Hidden Gameplay Feature

It may have been well over a year since the release of The Last of Us: Part II for the PlayStation 4, but players are still discovering hidden features and fun quirks to this day.

The Last of Us: Part II was one of the very rare instances where a sequel lived up the hype of the original game. Naughty Dog had created something incredibly special with 2013’s The Last of Us, but fans were sceptical that a sequel could tarnish the original game if the story was not done properly.

Thankfully, Naughty Dog delivered and The Last of Us: Part II was a hit with both critics and fans alike. Many praised the sequel for its narrative, characters, audio, and gameplay features. In fact, fans are still discovering small gameplay features to this day, expanding on character backgrounds and bringing the world of The Last of Us to life even further.

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  • The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4



    The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4





    Reddit user KiwiOutrageous7295 took to The Last of Us subreddit to see if anybody else had discovered this cool detail included in one of the first missions as Abby.

    During the ‘The Aquarium’ mission, players take control of Abby during a flashback with Owen, where the two explore a derelict aquarium searching for objects and clues.

    KiwiOutrageous noticed that during the mission, players are able to slide down the handrail inside of the aquarium when they walk up to it. This isn’t exactly a feature that’s going to completely change the way you play, but it’s another small detail that immerses you into the world of The Last of Us even more.

    Some may have already discovered the hidden detail, but many expressed how the small details included in The Last of Us: Part II never fail to impress them. Others also pointed out that when you return to the location as the older version of Abby, she will no longer have the ability to slide down the handrail as she has “grown-up”.

    Other fans expressed how details such as this make the characters feel like real people and not just avatars in a video game.

    Make sure to check out The Last of Us: Part II‘s hidden feature in the clip below and let us know in the comments, did you know this cool feature was possible?

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