Gran Turismo 7 will have an impressive number of cars and tracks

Gran Turismo 7 will have an impressive number of cars and tracks

One of the most anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusives of next year is definitely Gran Turismo 7. After a transition chapter on PlayStation 4, the Polyphony Digital automotive saga is about to reach its seventh main incarnation, and in anticipation of day one, some details about the next chapter are emerging in Japan. Specifically, it would have emerged the number of cars and tracks that will be present in the title.

The information comes directly from a promotional booklet distributed in a Japanese store, which revealed more details about the next highly anticipated Gran Turismo 7. The whole thing was posted on Twitter a few days ago, with a photo of the brochure in plain sight that tells us how the next Gran Turismo will include 420 different car models and over 90 tracks with realistic weather conditions and landscapes.

But the information, translated by the editors of, indicates that the much requested GT Mode will also return in Gran Turismo 7, in which players will not only be able to race in competitions and tracks from all over the world , but they will also be able to buy, sell and tune the cars in their garage. Speaking of garages, according to this information, it will be able to hold up to 1000 cars.
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br> Gran Turismo 7 will be one of the flagship titles of PlayStation 5 for next year, and for this we remind you that the Polyphony Digital title will be released no earlier than next March 4th 2022 exclusively on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

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