Abandoned, modder Lance McDonald shoots zero on game and studio

Abandoned, modder Lance McDonald shoots zero on game and studio


Abandoned still remains an unknown today, a mysterious product that developers are revealing practically one frame at a time. Well, the well-known modder Lance McDonald got fed up and shot zero on the game and the studio that is developing it.

Within hours of updates on the development of Abandoned, the author of the famous Bloodborne mod has openly criticized the Blue Box Game Studios app and the lies the team is saying to promote the project.

"Remember four months ago, when the Abandoned Realtime Experience was launched completely broken, for then receive a 5GB update that allowed a ten second clip to play? "wrote McDonald.

" The developers said the update weighed 5GB because the trailer was actually much longer but they had to deactivate some of it in order to fix some bugs. Well, 5GB isn't really that much for a ten second Unreal Engine demo, so why did they feel the need to lie about deactivated sections? "

"Anyway, I guess it will emmo just forget all that 'we'll fix it right now to reveal the full trailer' thing and think about the next tech demo they're advertising instead. "

" But then who the hell publishes a tech demo for someone's engine? other? I certainly don't need Blue Box Game Studios to show me what Unreal Engine 4 can do! "Continued McDonald.

" Also remember when Sony declared that Abandoned will be a PS5 exclusive but the director of the game wrote that eventually it would also arrive on PC? Without any preamble. Anyone who still thinks we are faced with a fine publicity stunt is completely out at this point. "

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Tulsa police officers adopt puppies abandoned on Christmas

Four Tulsa police officers and a QuikTrip employee adopted five puppies that were left abandoned at a QuikTrip on Christmas, the police department said in a social media post.

“Last night someone left 5 puppies in a zipped duffel bag on the counter at QT,” read the post on Sunday morning.

“Mingo Valley Division — Edward Squad officers were made aware of the situation and responded to the scene.

“Overwhelmed with Christmas feelings, 4 of the officers immediately adopted 4 of the puppies and the 5th went home with the QT employee.

“Big thanks to the cute pups, awesome officers and QT employee.

“If you’re looking for a pet, please adopt don’t shop, there are lots of rescues and shelters that are over capacity for abandoned pets,” the post read.

Tulsa police did not say which QuikTrip location the puppies were left, but the Mingo Valley Division covers the southeast portion of Tulsa.