Mario Kart helped Usain Bolt become a sports champion

Mario Kart helped Usain Bolt become a sports champion

Usain Bolt recently revealed that he has become a sports champion thanks to video games, including Mario Kart, Nintendo's arcade driving game.

Speaking to BBC gaming reporter Steffan Powell, Bolt said: "For me, these are the things that excite me about video games. Learning and being the best. I feel it has strengthened my resolve, I would say. To always want to win. But I feel that, in a way, it has helped me in athletics. , because now, when you enter the track, you have the same mentality as when you play video games. You just want to win. "

A group of friends who play Mario Kart Powell asked him if Mario Kart also helped and Bolt confirmed that this was the case. He also added that if he were to kickstart his career nowadays, he wouldn't be so sure about betting on athletics again: he likes the idea of ​​becoming a pro eSporter.

Video games still prove to be a once an important passion for successful people. Tell us, have video games ever helped you complete other tasks?

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