Twitter's Dorsey: "that's why I don't invest in Ethereum"

Twitter's Dorsey: that's why I don't invest in Ethereum

Twitter's Dorsey

Square's CEO and former Twitter CEO is among the most well-known advocates of bitcoin, having previously stated that he would leave both companies to work on the primary cryptocurrency if he needed to. His recent resignation from Twitter has pushed such assumptions into the crypto community, with people wondering if you're aiming to do just that. Dorsey has yet to confirm those plans, but has become more active in terms of discussing the asset in public.

Dorsey recently responded to a tweet from a popular Ethereum developer who urged Dorsey to consider the possibility to work on other blockchain projects, such as ETH, responding that it is "fundamental" for people to channel their energy on "truly safe and resilient technologies" that are decentralized and not owned by certain individuals or institutions.

In another recent Twitter conversation, Dorsey also answered a question from US rapper Cardi B about the possibility that cryptocurrencies could replace the US dollar. While answering yes, Square's CEO made sure to point out that bitcoin will, but it won't be the case for all digital assets.