Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero's Bond, download at 5 million on iOS and Android

Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero's Bond, download at 5 million on iOS and Android

Dragon Quest Dai

Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero's Bond has surpassed 5 million downloads between iOS and Android: an important milestone, which Square Enix has decided to celebrate by launching new content for the game.

Announced last March, Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero's Bond landed on the App Store and Google Play Store on September 28, immediately receiving excellent feedback from both fans of the series and from those who did not yet know it.

Among the extra contents we find a new story entitled "Chapter 7 - Partings and Reunions", in which we will have to face an enemy who comes from Dai's past, namely the powerful Dragon Master General Baran.

Whoever downloads the game today will also find the announced gifts waiting for him from Square Enix for the first month of service and for Black Friday, for a total of 6,000 Blue Gems to spend in the in-game store.

Speaking of spending, a monthly subscription has been launched, the Gold Pass, which allows you to get everything to a variety of benefits and extra content for users who particularly enjoyed the game.

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Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bond surpasses 5 million downloads and adds new storylines, treasure hunts, and more

Square Enix’s anime-inspired game, Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds has recently hit the five million download milestone since its launch on September 28th. The game is hosting numerous events to celebrate this feat. Some of this new content includes brand new stories, limited-time events, new unlockable special moves, and much more.

The new story coming to Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai is called Chapter 7 – Partings and Reunions. It will pit players against an enemy from the past – the fearsome and formidable Dragon Master General Baran. Face-off against this familiar foe to earn numerous rewards.

Through the Play to Your Strengths in-game event, players can obtain Dai’s Bengarna Outfit to their teams. Equipment required for the Zap Strash special movie is hidden somewhere and players must partake in the Little Hero & Thunder Spirit Treasure Hunt to find it. Both the style and equipment will be available until December 22nd. Another treasure hunt for all players is one that guarantees a 4-Star weapon at a premium of 300 Red Gems, which must be purchased with real money. This hunt will be active only for 72 hours post-login during the event period.

Moving onto some rewards, Square Enix had given out 3,000 Blue Gems to celebrate Black Friday and these will still be available for newcomers. An additional 3,000 Blue Gems were also given during the first month of service, which is still obtainable. This total of 6,000 Gems must be claimed within 30 days of logging into the game. Use them with other items on Treasure Hunts to purchase weapons and armour or to replenish stamina.

Dragon Quests is also adding a new monthly subscription service called the Gold Pass. It provides multiple in-game benefits such as free treasure hunts with purchases of the first and third Gold Pass, Soul Crystals, free stamina refills, and multiple other items.

Immerse yourself in this anime world by downloading Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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