AMD will unveil Zen 4 CPUs at CES 2022 - they will be exciting for gamers

AMD will unveil Zen 4 CPUs at CES 2022 - they will be exciting for gamers

AMD will bring several interesting innovations to CES 2022, but among these the most important is represented by the CPU Zen 4, the new generation of processors from the company, destined to be exhilarating for gamers, according to the chief Technology officer Mark Papermaster.

It will still be a preliminary presentation, given that it will take time for the CPUs to be placed on the market, but it will be enough to make people understand the direction taken by the company and to exalt the fans, apparently.

"As for the upcoming new generation, I'm aiming for CES in January 2022," Papermaster said. "We are happy to reveal some additional details about our new products that will bring phenomenal experiences" to users, although there will be time to explore them further.

AMD CTO explained that "Over the course of the year, with development continuing, we will share more details on Zen 4, with some information that will already be anticipated at CES and others that will be revealed in the course of 2022.

AMD Ryzen continues with Zen 4 in 2022 It will be one year exhilarating, "Papermaster reiterated, who evidently focuses heavily on the capabilities of the new CPUs.

" We couldn't be more excited about the next generation of products, "he added, probably adopting the classic corporate executive tone, but we however, there are high expectations from everyone for the new Zen 4 CPUs.

AMD, meanwhile, also has a new line of Zen 3 on the way with new CPUs capable of using 3D V-Cache technology, which will also be unveiled during CES 2022, perhaps alongside the new Threadripper Pro. The Zen 4 have been designed not only to offer greater performance, but also to further increase battery life, as far as laptop and portable solutions are concerned. In the meantime, it has emerged that AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution has more than 70 supported games available and coming soon.

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