Deathloop, there is a secret that players have not yet discovered

Deathloop, there is a secret that players have not yet discovered


Deathloop hides a secret that players have not yet discovered: level designer Julien Eveillé has revealed it, providing some clues on the matter but without saying what it is.

Awarded with excellent marks on EDGE and close to perfect score on Famitsu, Deathloop (review here) was judged as one of the best games of recent years, full of things to do and discover.

"I know for sure that the internet hasn't found everything what we have hidden so far inside Deathloop, "wrote Eveillé. "There is still a secret that I would like someone to find out."

"It is not a well-hidden secret, it is actually something that is more or less under your nose but it is connected to a series of eventualities far from obvious ", added the level designer.

" It is the big consequence of a big event that can only happen if you make it happen. Moreover, the cause and the consequence are not in the same map! "

Will Julien Eveillé's clues be enough to make Deathloop players finally find this secret too?

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Deathloop's Devs Say There's One More Big Secret Left To Discover

Deathloop level designer Julien Eveillé has said that there's still one more major secret in the game that fans are yet to find.

There's a lot of ground to cover in Deathloop. The game is spread out across four different areas that can each be accessed during four different time periods. If that's not enough, players' experiences of the story manifest in various ways depending upon the different scenarios you set up along the way. While the internet has been pretty relentless in its efforts to uncover Blackreef's many hidden depths since the game's release last month, tweets from Eveillé suggest that there's still one big secret left for someone to uncover.

'I know for a fact the Internet didn't find everything hidden in Deathloop so far,' says Eveillé. 'There's still one secret thing I want someone to discover.'


Solving the mystery, however, might not be as straightforward as just exploring Deathloop's various regions. After all, if it was, people would have likely found it by now. Responding to a fan's query regarding the nature of the secret, Eveillé said: 'It's a way bigger consequence to a way bigger event that can only happen if you made it happen. Also, the cause and the consequence aren't on the same map!'

While Eveillé offered little more to point fans in the right direction, the developer's pinned tweet explains that he mainly worked on the level Updaam during the region's noon and afternoon time periods. Although that could easily be an irrelevant factor in uncovering the whereabouts of the secret, it may equally offer a good place to start.

According to the developer, when found, the secret should be pretty obvious to spot. 'This secret thing isn't that hidden, it's actually very 'on the nose' but is relying on a series of -not that obvious- odds,' he says. So, if you're currently playing through Deathloop's storyline and find yourself rooted in a 'not so obvious' chain of events, keep an eye out for secrets hidden in plain sight - you might just make one Arkane developer's day.

For more on Arkane's latest masterpiece, make sure to check out this piece that explores how the game's original melee combat system was scrapped. Alternatively, if you're currently on the fence over whether or not to step onto the shores of Blackreef, then take a look at our Deathloop review, where we gave the game a 10/10.

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