Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Free soundtrack for a limited time

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Free soundtrack for a limited time

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl have recently received remakes, but returning to the originals, it may interest many fans that Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have made the original soundtrack available for free, for a limited period of time.

This is a total of 149 tracks taken directly from the original video games, which can be listened to or downloaded freely, at least for a limited period of time. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, belonging to the fourth generation of Pokémon, were published in 2006 in Japan, the first chapters designed specifically for the Nintendo DS.

These are obviously based on Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl, which they have modified completely the graphics and some aspects of the gameplay, but the originals still remain in the hearts of many fans. The Pokémon Company's initiative is aimed precisely at these, which makes it possible to recover the music of 15 years ago through the Pokémon DP Sound Library, the complete collection of 149 music tracks belonging to the original chapters.

In addition to YouTube, there is also a dedicated website which is in Japanese, which would make it possible to navigate rather well among the proposed contents, with the possibility of creating playlists and even downloading the music directly, as long as they are not used for commercial purposes. Find it all at this address.

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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Grand Underground Spheres enter real world, wait for you to eat them

You don’t have to go digging into the earth to find them, either.

Not long ago both our game-loving hearts and sweets-craving stomachs were happy to learn that we could walk to the store and buy real-world Animal Crossing star fragments to eat as a snack. We devoured our whole bag pretty quickly, and now we’ve got our sights set on yet another mouthwatering game-collectable-to-edible-in-reality crossover from a beloved Nintendo franchise.

To celebrate the recent remake releases of Pok√©mon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl a special pop-up store is opening inside the Shibuya Parco shopping center in downtown Tokyo. Called the Burishai Fes Pop-up Store (“Burishai” being the Japanese fan nickname for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl), among the items on sale will be boxes of Spheres, as seen in the games’ Grand Underground area.

Within the games, these colorful gemstones can be exchanged for items to furnish and defend the player’s subterranean Secret Base. The real-world version, though, can be exchanged for energy to power your body, as they’re an assortment of agar sugar candies.

Despite the childlike whimsy of the Pok√©mon games, the Spheres have elegantly mature flavors, with the red ones made with blackcurrant liqueur, the green ones pear liqueur, and the pink ones a mixture of peach and coconut liqueur (the white and blue Spheres are mint flavored).

▼ There’s no mention of alcohol content for the finished product, though, so it seems like they’re fine for all ages.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more straightforward sweetness for your sweets, the Burishai Fes Pop-up Store will also be offering Pochama meringue cakes and icing cookies modeled after the popular B-Side Label line of Pokémon stickers.

Prices range from 1,566 yen (US$13.60) for the cakes and cookies to 3,348 yen for the Sphere candy. The Burishai Fes Pop-up Store will be open from January 2 to 12, and during that period the Pok√©mon sweets lineup can also be purchased through Parco’s online store here. And if you want a Diamond and Pearl treat for your ears too, don’t forget about this.

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