Steam Deck: SteamOS 3 could take up around 15% of the 64GB of internal memory

Steam Deck: SteamOS 3 could take up around 15% of the 64GB of internal memory

Steam Deck

The operating system to be used by Steam Deck, SteamOS 3, could occupy 15% of the total memory of the console in its basic version (64 GB).

The information comes from the MetaCouncil forum where the SteamOS release notes image 20211120.2. By means of these, we see that the weight of the Steam Deck operating system will be 10 GB, or about 15% of the 64 GB of the portable console.

However, we remember that in the previous there was talk of 24 GB for SteamOS 3: Valve is reducing the weight of the operating system and it is therefore possible that at the time of the Steam Deck release it will have an even lighter OS. For now, we can say that 10GB may be the maximum.

Steam Deck For comparison, know that Windows 10 64-bit requires more than 20GB, while on PS5 consoles, Xbox Series X | S and Switch, the operating system requires about 20% of the total memory. Put simply, Valve's OS appears to be lean enough right now. In any case, considering that the 64 GB of the basic Steam Deck model is too small to handle large AAA games (which now exceed 100 GB) it is clear that it will be necessary to expand the memory with a microSD.

Steam Deck has been showing off lately, also thanks to the new images of the console's final packaging.

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Does Steam Deck have very little internal space? Here are the first details

Steam Deck’s arrival is imminent now. After delays in recent months, the first units are actually expected by February 2022. And while some games like DOTA 2 start updating to be better playable with the capabilities of Valve hardware, some information is emerging that may cause concern. I decided to buy the model with the lowest memory bits, This is 64 GB.

As PCGamesN reported, Steam Deck runs on SteamOS, Valve’s operating system. Consul Gaby Newell and associates It is sold in different categories, but the weight of the OS on the system is always the same. According to what appeared on the Internet, the version that will be included in the new device will be heavy at about 10 GB. So those who buy a 64GB model will find themselves around 15% of occupied space.

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We obviously don’t want to be alarmed, but we’d better get ready to go. So the solution for anyone who has decided to buy the 64GB version of Steam Deck is to have a look at memory cards. A bit like what happened with the Nintendo Switch at launch, with a console that can stand on its own 32 GB free space To manage the operating system and various games installed inside.

condition However, Steam Deck is fully compatible with other controllers. Xbox Series X requires | S and Playstation 5 for example 20% of the internal space of their operating systems. PC, laptop, and desktop are a more expensive mode, as Windows can require 20GB or more to install. In short, nothing to worry about but maybe it’s better to prepare for day one, don’t you think?

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