Cookie Clicker supports mods via the Steam Workshop

Cookie Clicker supports mods via the Steam Workshop

Orteil, developer of Cookie Clicker, has added mod support to their game on Valve's platform, via Steam Workshop. From now on, fans can freely create mods to customize the game.

Orteil says: "This should be the latest 'technical' update focused specifically on Steam features. Future updates will focus on new content and new gameplay features. " Cookie Clicker still has a lot of content in front of it, so.

Cookie Clicker Orteil uses, as an example mod for Cookie Clicker, a modification that adds Pilk to the game. Pilk, if you don't know it, is the mix of Pepsi and milk ("milk", therefore P-ilk). Then there are other mods, such as Horticookie which makes some minigames less boring. Other mods add entire original minigames, such as one that allows you to play Blackjack to win cookies.

Obviously this is only the beginning and we expect technical mods that support for example ultrawide monitors, but also goliardic mods : We'd be surprised if the Thomas Train didn't show up somewhere.

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