Epic Games: how much do free games and exclusives make? Really little

Epic Games: how much do free games and exclusives make? Really little

Epic Games

For several years now we have got into the habit of waiting until Thursday night to redeem new free games given away by the Epic Games Store. the US company has been going on with these gifts for some time now, and precisely in this Christmas period the gifts increase dramatically thanks to the cadence of the games which has gone from being weekly to daily. At this point, many are wondering; but how much does Epic earn from the release of all these free games?

The answer to this question comes to us thanks to a series of research that we can find on Resetera. The truth that emerges is that Epic Games does not make much money by offering its users at least one free game a week. According to published estimates, only three games have managed to meet the guarantees necessary to bring in important revenues to the US giant, a very low number if we consider that the store has been giving away games for at least two years.

That what is surprising is how Epic Games does not seem to earn that much even from the games that come out as an exclusive time on its store. Once a contract has been signed with a development team, in fact, Epic offers the aforementioned studio a large sum of money, and only when the game is released on the store and has obtained a certain threshold of income then Epic Games will be able to take a percentage from those. sales.

Still according to the report published on Resetera, it would seem that Epic Games' future plans are to transform its business model into a much more traditional model.

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CBS 17 Job Alert – Epic Games and Liquid Death are hiring

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Today’s Job Alert is all about the fun and – well – kinda freaky.

First, let’s start with the fun.

We all know Epic Games has a huge presence in Cary. They currently have 140 open jobs.

Most people know them for the wildly popular “Fortnite.”

There is a contract job for a game tester. I know it sounds fun, but it is a lot of work.

“Testing” means attention to detail and quality, investigating and analyzing issues to look for the cause, plus writing very concise instructions in a formal report.

Over in Raleigh, another company is looking to hire.

Liquid Death is a bottled water company.

Even with the name, this business is considered one of the hottest startups in recent years. The booming business requires a field sales manager in Raleigh.

The job involves building partnerships with distributors and retailers for growth.

You’ll need extensive product knowledge plus familiarity with things like category management, innovation, and competitor knowledge.

Four years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in business or sales marketing are needed.