Wist, the app that allows you to relive memories in virtual reality

Wist, the app that allows you to relive memories in virtual reality


Memories are fleeting moments, which our memory preserves until they become too blurry even for us. But Andrew R McHugh hopes he can fight the wear and tear of time with Wist, an app that promises to let users take videos with their smartphone and turn them into immersive 3D memories, viewable on AR-enabled phones or a reality headset. virtual . “ My grandmother died when I was in middle school,” McHugh said as he recounted what really led him to produce the app. “I have some flashes from that time, but I don't remember it very well. it's the same as being there… and she never knew my daughter.”

But how does an app keep the memories alive? First, Wist captures a video (from scratch or importing it from the gallery) through the iOS app on your smartphone, and then transforms the 2D images into an immersive 3D experience. A step that, according to McHugh, takes place through the collection of 3D data from the initial video, including depth, color and audio information. Once the videos are transformed into 3D memories, users can use smartphone augmented reality to overlay that virtual memory onto their surroundings, or use a Quest-type headset to view it. Wist memories can be experienced individually or shared with friends and family.

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And if you're wondering how it's possible, just watch the video shared by McHugh on Twitter to figure it out. A preview that some have defined as fantastic and futuristic, while others have even labeled it as disturbing. A glimpse of Black Mirror in reality - if you've seen the dystopian series, you'll recall that in the episode "The Whole Story of You" similar technology allows users to capture and replay their memories whenever they want. McHugh came up with the idea for Wist when he was working as an AR/VR team lead at Samsung .After leaving his role in 2021, he started working on the project with co-founder and CTO, Michael Oder, in 2022. And together the two released the beta version of the app in 2023.