Framework adds upgradable graphics cards to its laptops

Framework adds upgradable graphics cards to its laptops

At a recent event in San Francisco, Framework unveiled major new updates to its range of serviceable laptops. In fact, Framework Laptop 13 has been renewed with thirteenth generation Intel Core processors, but the possibility of having AMD Ryzen 7040 chips has also been introduced, and a new 16" notebook with modular dedicated graphics is previewed.

Framework Laptop 16 has generated a lot of interest due to the numerous customization and repairability options. Among the novelties, Framework has introduced the " input module " and the " Expansion Bay ". The latter, which aims to add an upgradable dedicated graphics card, will use an open source PCIe x8 interface. Other cards are planned for the Expansion Bay, including one that allows you to add two M.2 SSDs.

The “input modules” allow you to easily modify the touchpad, keyboard and numeric keypad, and are available in different size. Framework is developing keyboards in various languages, also with RGB backlighting, secondary displays and macro pads. Many of these modules use the QMK open source firmware on a Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller.

--> Framework Laptop 16 is compatible with the expansion card system of Framework Laptop 13, with three ports per side. Pricing and specifications will be announced in the spring, with deliveries expected later this year. Meanwhile, Framework has made design documentation available for others to develop their own modules.

Photo Credit: FrameWork --> Framework Laptop 13 has been updated with Intel Core Raptor Lake and AMD Ryzen 7040 series processors, giving current owners the option to purchase new motherboards with these chips. The Intel Core line includes the Core i5-1350P, Core i7-1360P, and Core i7-1370P with vPro, all with DDR4-3200 RAM and an 80dB speaker kit. Bundles with AMD Ryzen CPUs will instead ship with faster DDR5-5600 RAM. Functionally, the new laptops will have a matte display and improved hinges. Ports will vary between Intel and AMD versions: four Thunderbolt 4 for Intel and two USB4, one USB 3.2 with DisplayPort and one USB 3.2 for Ryzen. Framework is working on new bezel colors and will allow you to choose them freely in the DIY edition.

The new Framework Laptop 13 is available for pre-order with a $100 deposit and will be shipped in May. Pre-built options will start at $1,049 with Windows 11 pre-installed, while the DIY version will cost $849, allowing you to add RAM, storage and an operating system of your choice. The company assures that Fedora 38 and Ubuntu 22.04 will be fully supported on both the new Intel and AMD options, while further tests are underway for Manjaro and Mint.