Bing Chat on iPhone? Here's a trick to call AI at any time

Bing Chat on iPhone? Here's a trick to call AI at any time

There is a little trick to be able to quickly access Bing Chat from your iPhone at any time. Unfortunately Apple does not allow us to replace Siri with other assistants but, through the procedure that we are going to see, you can quickly access the Bing Chat to exploit the power of GPT-4 Chat properly!

--> As with Siri, you'll be able to activate Bing Chat from anywhere on your iPhone regardless of which app you're using. All this will be possible simply with a gesture, different from the one used to start Siri. To achieve this you will have to configure a few small shortcuts on your device, but at the end of the procedure you will be able to start Bing Chat with a simple double or triple tap on the back of your smartphone.


In order to configure the touch gesture on the back of the device, you will need an iPhone 8 or higher . In addition, you must have the Commands app installed on your iPhone. If it is not present on your smartphone, you can download it for free from the App Store. Finally, you will also need to install the latest version of Bing for iOS.

How to access Bing Chat at any time on iPhone

The procedure is very simple and is divided into two phases: the first phase consists in creating a shortcut to launch the app Bing. The second phase instead, consists in assigning the shortcut just created to the Back Tap function.

--> To create the shortcut, proceed as follows:

Open the Commands app on the iPhone Touch the “ + ” button to create a new shortcut Touch “ Add action “ Look for Open app and select it Touch the blue text that reads “ App ” at the top Choose Bing from the list Tap Done You can also select a simple name for the shortcut, such as “Open Bing”, or “Bing Chat”.

Now that you have created your connection, all you have to do is tell iPhone to execute it when we touch the back of the smartphone.

Open Settings Select Accessibility and then Touch At the bottom of the list, select Back touch Select optionally, Double touch or Triple-tap Scroll down and select the previously created shortcut shortcut --> That's all it takes to make the shortcut work. From now on, just double or triple tap (depending on the one you have chosen) on the back of your iPhone, to launch Bing Chat (obviously with the device unlocked).

In the absence of adequate support from Microsoft in creating a trigger to launch Bing Chat, this method is the most effective way to quickly access the service. In the meantime, we can only wait for further official developments, perhaps hoping for greater integration that can be activated with Siri.