Here's how BMW's model names could change

Here's how BMW's model names could change

In recent days, the German brand has registered 48 new names with the German Trademark and Patent Office to dedicate to the cars currently on the market and arriving in the coming months. Our colleagues at CarBuzz discovered this information, always very attentive to the patents that are filed around the world.

The entire BMW naming scheme will change compared to the current one; at the moment, BMWs follow a precise and easily recognizable pattern. For example, the BMW 330i is a car belonging to the 3 Series range (first number), with a power range (second and third numbers) and petrol ("i" petrol, the suffixes "d" and "e" communicate the presence of a diesel or electric system). Initially, however, the second and third numbers were dedicated to the engine capacity (3.0 liters in this case), a value which was subsequently modified following the downsizing of the engines.

--> What will change in the future? Simple, we will have the prefixes for the type of series followed by the propulsion group. For example, the future i750 will be an electric BMW i7 with a 50 powertrain. Same story for the X750, which will be an X7 SUV with a 50 powertrain. The higher the latter value, the more powerful the car will be. Finally, the type of traction will be included in the name, for greater recognition by the consumer: it will not be difficult to compete with a hypothetical i530 xDrive, or an electric 5 series with a 30 propulsion group and equipped with all-wheel drive.

What about the M sports versions? According to CarBuzz, judging by the patents filed, they could follow a similar denomination and switch (for example) from the current M3 to a less distinctive M350, to position themselves on a step higher than the more "civilized" M340i.

- -> Below, all registered trademarks:

BMW 1/i1 Series:

i118 i120 i130 i140 BMW X1/iX1:

X130 iX120 iX130 BMW X2/iX2:

iX220 iX230 iX240 --> BMW 3 Series/i3:

io320 i330 i340 M350 BMW X3/iX3:

X320 X330 iX330 iX340 iX350 BMW 4 Series/i4:

i420 io430 io450 BMW X4 /iX4:

X420 iX430 iX440 iX450 BMW Series 5/i5:

i530 i550 BMW X5/iX5:

X540 X550 X560 iX540 iX550 iX560 BMW X6/iX6: <

X640 X650 iX640 iX650 iX660 BMW Series 7/i7:

i740 io750 io760 BMW X7/iX7:

X740 X750 X760 iX740 iX750 iX760