Spring cleaning? What you need is on sale at Monclick! Special vacuum cleaner!

Spring cleaning? What you need is on sale at Monclick! Special vacuum cleaner!

Are you ready for spring cleaning? Don't worry, in this article we want to offer you a new and interesting initiative dedicated to one of the most difficult moments of the year. In fact, Monclick has seen fit to discount the many robot vacuum cleaners and electric brooms present in its vast online catalogue, with cuts that can reach a percentage of 50%.

Read also: Robot vacuum cleaners | The best of 2023 Clearly, the list of products currently on sale is quite wide and varied but, among the various ones, we want to recommend the purchase of the Samsung Jet 90 Multi electric broom. Originally sold at €829.99, it is now available for “only” €499.99, following a 40% discount, which has reduced the Asian manufacturer's recommended price by as much as €330.00.

We are talking about a product of the highest value in terms of technical specifications and performance. In fact, it boasts a Digital Inverter motor, which allows it to reach a suction power of no less than 200W. Furthermore, its soft brush, called Soft Action, should not be underestimated, which will allow you to collect the most stubborn dirt from the hardest floors and from the most hidden crevices, above all thanks to its wide 180-degree movement.

Of course, I won't miss a handy digital display, integrated on the body of the Samsung Jet 90 Multi electric broom. This small screen will be able to constantly show the charge level of the broom and the type of brush in use, as well as various alerts to carry out maintenance on the dust collector.

In short, we are talking about an offer from do not neglect, if you are interested in cleaning your home effectively. Our advice is to visit the promotion page, at the following address, so that you can know all the product specifications and all the other discounted items in this new round of offers.

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