The latest Windows 11 update can slow down your SSD

The latest Windows 11 update can slow down your SSD

The recent Windows 11 update, called Moment 2, is creating various performance issues for different users. The main complaints concern a considerable reduction in data transfer speeds and an increase in loading times for the operating system and games .

The update was released last week as part of the so-called Patch Tuesday , and many people have since reported various difficulties on the popular Reddit forum. Microsoft has set up a dedicated thread to monitor the situation and provide responses to user feedback, however the problem reports persist and seem to be increasing. Among the various drawbacks that have emerged, the most widespread concerns the performance of SSD units.

--> At this early stage, it is not yet possible to establish the extent of the problem, nor identify the configurations involved or the exact causes. However, a few specific examples have been featured in the Reddit thread. A user named Mesp21 reported that his SSD speed went from 7,000MB/s to 3,000MB/s following the upgrade; another, MrBigDog99, shared screenshots showing a significant impact on disk performance, both read and write, after using the CrystalDiskMark benchmarking tool. Interestingly, the KB5023706 update was supposed to fix a slow file copy issue, but it seems to have had the opposite effect.

For those who are having issues with the update and don't want to wait for a future patch from Microsoft, you can roll back by following these steps:

Right-click the Start button and open Settings. At the bottom left, click on the Windows Update section. Click on Update history. Scroll down to the Uninstall updates section and click on it. Select KB5023706 and confirm the action with the “Uninstall” button.