Agid, who is the new director of the Agency for digital Italy

Agid, who is the new director of the Agency for digital Italy


Mario Nobile is the new general manager of the Agency for Digital Italy (Agid). He was appointed by the undersecretary to the Prime Minister with responsibility for technological innovation, Alessio Butti. Nobile's name comes from a selection, called on January 26, which involved 80 candidates, whose curricula were examined by an examining commission made up of three experts nominated by Butti. Nobile got the better of the four finalists. was the first to give news of the still vacant position at the top of Agid, after the expiry of the mandate of the predecessor, Francesco Paorici.

Agid, the Agency for digital Italy, was left without a director. the three-year mandate of Paorici, manager appointed by the Conte 2 government, has expired. And the name who will succeed him at the helm of a central body for the management of Pnrr funds has not yet been identified public administration machine man. Since 2015, he has been the Director General for Information and Statistical Systems in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Degree in Civil Engineering and PhD in Transport Engineering, he has held various management roles in territorial design and planning and IT services for the public administration, including broadband development programs in the area. In 2010 he entered the ministry now led by Matteo Salvini, where he previously dealt with urban regeneration programs and housing policies, the management and maintenance of real estate assets in the central offices and finally ministerial technologies.

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What Agid does

Agid is a central hub for the digitization of the national public administration. He oversees the implementation of the national digital agenda. It issues the three-year plan for information technology, the last updated 2022-24 of which was released on 23 January. It has a series of projects financed by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) on its shoulders. And then he deals in various capacities with digital platforms. Like Spid, the public digital identity system at the center of negotiations between the government and the managers for the continuation of operations from the end of April, when the renewed agreements expire. Or the information system on the operations of public bodies (Siope), which monitors the receipts and payments of public offices. And again Agid is responsible for the domain of the sites (linked to the national government), the one-stop shop for production activities, the digitization of public tenders in the hands of 32,000 entities that move about 87 billion euros every year, the electronic invoice .

If the Digital Transformation department expresses the political direction (today expressed by the Undersecretary for Innovation Alessio Butti, at the level of the Brothers of Italy), Agid has the task of translating it into rules, standards, manuals of use and practical applications. Just think of the burning issue of digital identity with which the government is already dealing. The file ended up on the desk of Alessandro Musumeci, head of Undersecretary Butti's technical secretariat, precisely in the same days in which he is busy finding whoever will succeed Paorici.