Gigabyte, video cards and more with discounts of up to 50%

Gigabyte, video cards and more with discounts of up to 50%


If you have a PC and use it to carry out various activities, including playing games, you will know that the typical modularity of a desktop allows you to upgrade hardware components in a simple and convenient way. Of course, in a period of crisis like the one affecting the hardware sector it is difficult to talk about convenience, but some online stores sometimes publish advantageous promotions, allowing you to purchase components at reasonable prices.

In this context, Yeppon is among the best in recent times, especially on components such as video cards and motherboards. This is confirmed by its new promotion dedicated to a series of Gigabyte-branded hardware which, until March 20, can be purchased with discounts of up to 50%. So if you are looking for a more powerful GPU, capable of handling modern games at high quality settings, or a motherboard with DDR5 memory support, for a possible new configuration, now is the good time to make these purchases.

Among the most relevant proposals of this limited-time initiative, the Nvidia RTX 3060 video card customized by Gigabyte is certainly in the first places. In fact, you only need €329.99 to buy it, a price that, we can guarantee you, is really difficult to find elsewhere nowadays. While designed with a dual-fan design, which is ideal for those with compact cases, this model is overclocked from the factory, which means that performance will be higher than the original card.

As you know, overclocking raises temperatures, especially when the load moves to the video card, but to avoid overheating problems Gigabyte uses its WINDFORCE 2X cooling system which, through an alternating rotation of the fans and the help of several copper heat pipes in direct contact, ensures that the heat dissipation is effective even at full load.

We are talking about one of the best mid-range GPUs, especially for those who want to activate a minimum of Ray Tracing, which is practically unusable on AMD video cards of this price range. In summary, this is a good offer for those who need more performance on the graphics side, but we remind you that the discounts also apply to other hardware components.

Read also: CPU coolers | The best of 2023 That said, we just have to send you directly to the Yeppon page dedicated to these offers, reiterating once again the invitation to take advantage of these discounts, since we don't know how much stock of products available.

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