Ben Affleck doesn't want anything to do with James Gunn's DCU

Ben Affleck doesn't want anything to do with James Gunn's DCU

Ben Affleck recently made it clear, as bluntly as possible, that he has no intention of directing any upcoming DC Studios or James Gunn films. His point of view, most likely, derives from previous experiences in terms of cinecomics, having however accumulated hours on the sets of Warner Bros. in the guise of Batman, taking a close look at their modus operandi.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck doesn't want to direct films for James Gunn

--> During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter , Ben Affleck began to reflect on his past career, also anticipating some unpublished details and statements regarding the future, and the projects currently underway. However, when he had the opportunity to direct a film of James Gunn's current DCU, the actor and director ruled out the possibility without too many words:

I have no intention of directing anything for [James] Gunn's DC. Absolutely not. I have nothing against him. He's a good guy, he'll surely do a great job. I just don't want to find myself, at some point, directing the way they're doing. I don't care about him.

In the same interview, Ben Affleck also talked about what he felt working alongside Zack Snyder (although obviously as a director he had a different working method from that of James Gunn), specifically describing the sensations in return to the set with Zack Snyder's Justice League (which you can find on Amazon ). His fear of him lies in the fact that he sees a certain degree of repetitiveness in those stories:

The fact is that those stories have somehow become repetitive for me and less interesting.

THR's question was not accidental, given that a few months ago James Gunn hinted at the possibility of having Ben Affleck direct a new DC film, even if it was an idea that had not found confirmation on both sides. These latest statements by Affleck seem to definitively erase such a hypothesis.