Agid, the Agency for Digital Italy, was left without a director

Agid, the Agency for Digital Italy, was left without a director


For one seat filled in a flash - that of director of the National Cybersecurity Agency - there is another, the one at the top of the Agency for Digital Italy (Agid), still vacant . The three-year mandate of Francesco Paorici, who arrived in 2020 at the helm of the technical office of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers which deals with digital and innovation in the public, has expired. He was extended until March 6, waiting to find the name that will have to succeed him. That, however, hasn't been decided yet. Agid itself confirms this to “ The office of general manager Francesco Paorici has ended and the successor has not yet been designated ”.

According to what learns from the Palazzo's digital transformation department Chigi, the public selection to identify the new top of Agid is in the final stages. But still there is no certainty on the date. And in the meantime the powers of the general manager have been redistributed internally. As the institution explains, "to ensure the continuity of Agid's administrative action and the activities connected to the ordinary management of the institution, Dr. Oriana Zampaglione, second tier manager of the Accounting, Finance and Operation Office of the 'Agid ”. But we need to find a new number one soon, to launch the agency's strategic projects. According to sources consulted by (who requested anonymity in order to be able to contribute to this article), this interim does not ensure the strategic-Fundamental operational plan with national plans that make digital the pivot.

The situation:

What Agid does Money and jobs The showdown on European digital identity begins (and also concerns Spid) The European Parliament votes its resolution on the regulation on electronic identity. Negotiations with the Commission and the Council on the future Community app will take place in the spring. Which will have an impact on the national choices on Spid and Cie

What Agid does

Agid is a central hub for the digitization of the national public administration. He oversees the implementation of the national digital agenda. It issues the three-year plan for information technology, the last updated 2022-24 of which was released on 23 January. It has a series of projects financed by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) on its shoulders. And then he deals in various capacities with digital platforms. Like Spid, the public digital identity system at the center of negotiations between the government and the managers for the continuation of operations from the end of April, when the renewed agreements expire. Or the information system on the operations of public bodies (Siope), which monitors the receipts and payments of public offices. And again Agid is responsible for the domain of the sites (linked to the national government), the one-stop shop for production activities, the digitization of public tenders in the hands of 32,000 entities that move about 87 billion euros every year, the electronic invoice .

If the Digital Transformation department expresses the political direction (today expressed by the Undersecretary for Innovation Alessio Butti, at the level of the Brothers of Italy), Agid has the task of translating it into rules, standards, manuals of use and practical applications. Just think of the burning issue of digital identity with which the government is already dealing. File ended up on the desk of Alessandro Musumeci, head of Undersecretary Butti's technical secretariat, on the very same days in which he is busy finding whoever will succeed Paorici.

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Money and jobs

Although Agid's IT security functions have been transferred to the Acn, the appointed body, in recent months, the role of the agency it didn't come out scaled. On the contrary. As emerges from the 2022-2024 forecast budget, the public money allocated is destined to grow. From 114 million in production value in 2022 to 163 in 2024. Practically tripled compared to 54 million in 2021. The liquidity injection linked to Pnrr projects has something to do with it. The funds are used both for the purchase of technology and services, and for the stabilization of personnel and for new temporary hires (with 36-month contracts) precisely to follow the activities of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. At the beginning of last year Agid had 130 people, with the aim of hiring about forty between 2022 and 2023. To which should be added the 67 temporary entries.

Established in 2012, headquartered in Eur, Agid has been led in the last three years by Francesco Paorici. Appointed by the former Minister for Innovation, Paola Pisano, under the Conte 2 government, Paorici came from Ntt Docomo, a subsidiary of one of the major Japanese telecommunications companies, and had already been technological director of Buongiorno, an IT multinational acquired in 2012 precisely from Ntt Domoco, and before that he had worked in Telecom Italia. Paorici had taken over the baton from former director Teresa Alvaro after a selection based on 174 CVs. For him a contract worth 215,000 euros plus 60,000 in bonuses signed on 20 January 2020. It expired a few weeks ago.