Petey powers Siri with GPT intelligence: How to join the beta on iOS

Petey powers Siri with GPT intelligence: How to join the beta on iOS

Petey powers Siri with GPT intelligence

In a period in which artificial intelligences are depopulating, we are increasingly driven towards the integration of these new technologies within our devices including smartphones and smartwatches. - Freepik --> Last month the watchGPT app landed on Apple Watch, later rebranded to Petey as Apple cracked down on apps that use GPT in their names. The application in question does nothing but integrate the GPT Chat features within your Apple Watch, allowing you to dialogue with artificial intelligence. During the first days after its publication, the paid application climbed the sales charts on the App Store acquiring a certain popularity and, a few weeks after its launch, the author released a large update which integrated the new GPT-4 functionality, quick prompts, and Petey's rebranding.

Due to the huge success of the app, author Hidde van der Ploeg shared information about a release for iOS devices on Twitter much requested by its buyers, which would be about to arrive on the App Store.

Although there is no fixed date for the release of the app, the author has given everyone the opportunity to test the beta by registering on his website To try your luck and try to be selected for the beta test phase, just scroll down Petey's home page to the end and register for the newsletter by entering your email in the appropriate field.

--> Hidde also shared a tweet showing how his app works on iPhone:

Petey will upgrade your Siri to GPT-4 as well (also on watchOS)

— Hidde van der Ploeg (@hiddevdploeg) March 28, 2023

As for the pricing of the iOS version, the author stated that the app will be available at same current price. The app will integrate new shortcuts for Siri and will give the possibility to copy and paste the information processed by the chatbot on the phone. To access the ChatGPT features in the iOS app, you will need to sign up for a subscription that includes a free trial period. The author claims to have chosen this formula due to the maintenance and management costs that the app could have over time. Despite this, Hidde allows users to add their own ChatGPT API key without guaranteeing access to GPT-4 features.

If you want to try Petey for Apple Watch, it is currently available on the App Store at the price of 4.99 euros, with the possibility of expanding its functions to GPT-4 with an additional in-app expense. Have you tried Petey? What do you think? let us know in the comments.